Thursday, June 28, 2007

Big Ticket Items

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Statistics show that 70+% of all shoppers will go online to research "big ticket" items like stoves, washing machines, and other household appliances, but 90% or more will actually make their purchase offline. I do the same thing, so I tend to believe these statistics.

That's why I love directories like this one: Krillion Localization Engine™ searches the web for whatever "big box" item you're looking for, integrates them into an understandable screen of information that presents you with specific locations where you can buy the items locally.

Let's say you're looking for General Electric Refrigerators. You go to Krillion, enter the search terms, and it locates where you can buy that brand refrigerator locally - pinpoints where, in fact. This is what "Web 2.0" should be, in case you are wondering.

Krillion is a great idea - not just something "k3wl" to check out and not just a tool for internet users and geeks like myself - it's practical and will be used by everyone.