Monday, January 7, 2008

Get Yoself a Grille!

I am not much of one for fashion over function; I prefer substance to style, but like anyone else, if I can look good doing whatever it is I need to do, then I'll do my best to try and achieve that look. When it comes to cars, I have simply never had one of those vehicles you can successfully "trick-out." Except for my very first car, which was a Monte Carlo... I loved that car. Geez...

Still, there are tons of small cars that can be made to look sportier with a few simple accoutrements, and has everything you need when it comes to grilles. Honda grilles, Mercedes, Lamborghini - you can get a billet grille, or one for your Toyota or Subaru - I mean, you name the car and they have the grille!

So follow the link above to find out more about grilles for your car.