Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Musical Therapy

A new study has shown that recent stroke sufferers who listen to music appear to recover faster than those who listen to audio books or nothing at all.

Said patients showed improved memory, better attention skills, and a generally better outlook. Further, musical therapy is cheap and easy to administer and can be used with patients not yet ready for other rehabilitative methods.

The Finnish study was conducted on 60 recent stroke patients who were admitted before the after-effects had had a chance to kick-in. They were able to choose the music they listened to and received standard stroke rehabilitation in addition. After 90 days, verbal control had improved 80% for music-listeners, compared to 18% for those who listened to audio-books, and 29% for non-listeners.

I personally find this confusing, but the study was obviously limited. However, focused attention improved 17% in those who listened to music, as compared to not at all amongst other groups.

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