Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Auto Dash Kits

One of the things about living in rural areas is that a lot of the people I have met and known throughout my life are into autos. This is not a strictly rural pasttime, mind you, I just mean that, when I have lived in the city, I have been able to find more people who were into the same things I am into, so I didn't meet a lot of people into other things; in rural areas, you pretty much go with whomever you got - and a lot of those have been really into cars. So even though I know exactly zip about auto mechanics, I have seen cars and trucks torn apart for all sorts of reasons - to "trick them out," install speakers and stereo systems, rebuild engines, you name it.

And while it is not my cup o' tea, I always compare it to my computing hobby - there have been plenty of times you could walk into my place and see computers and parts scattered about everywhere while I cribbed-together all the best pieces from 3-4 models to make one, good box.

Of course, one of the main similarities between the two hobbies is that they are always more fun when things go smoothly. And if you are looking for beautiful, easy-to-install dash kits, look no further! Simply follow the link provided for more details!