Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am about to get into the fitness thing. Seriously.

See, back when I was actively playing, I was in pretty good shape. Sure, I drank and smoked and all that, but playing death metal for several hours everyday kept me trim and active and, to some degree, healthy - certainly healthier and more in-shape than I am now! Sitting at this computer desk day-in and day-out is not helping me one bit; I just walked to the store (just under two miles) and I am winded! I mean, I got back about 10 minutes ago and am just now catching my breath! Not too good.

But, living on the top floor of an apartment building built back in the 1980s, there's only so much I can do without shaking the entire building to the ground - knocking things off my walls and shelves, as well as those of the neighbors' surrounding me!

eOnfitness is a robust site filled with exercise tips and news, as well as equipment fro major brand names. check out the Precor elliptical for a great workout machine that can easily fit into your home, no matter where you live, or maybe you need a Stairmaster (I can just go outside and get all Stairmastering I need). Whatever your fitness needs, make sure to check them out today!