Sunday, March 2, 2008


I admit, I have never shopped for lingerie before. I have certainly been in relationships where it would have been an appropriate gift and a friend's wife worked at one of the premiere lingerie chain stores for a year or two and I went in there a few times (though I didn't have a reason to buy any at that time), but I have never bought any.

I like lingerie on the wimminfolk, I do - it's pretty sexy! What I do not like is the price tag on the lingerie!!! I mean, most of that stuff is incredibly expensive - way more than I can afford or would pay if I could - what's the point in spending that much on clothes that are designed to make you want to take them off?

That's why Lingerie Diva is such a great site! Not only is the women's lingerie featured on their site sexy, I was honestly shocked at the prices! And I don't mean they're "just a few hundred dollars"-affordable (though they do have a lot of upscale, pricey outfits, too) - I mean truly sexy lingerie that is truly affordable - some for under $20!

Check it out - for the right or wrong reasons.