Friday, March 14, 2008

Truck Tool Boxes

Ostensibly, I am organized. I say "ostensibly" because I sit amidst stacks of magazines, books, and papers, liberally draped with dirty laundry (but I did get the dishes done yesterday!) and I probably couldn't find a single thing you asked me for at any given moment. Still, part of the reason I am so disorganized is because there just isn't a place for all of this stuff! I just got my bathroom organized a few weeks back, when I finally bought a shelving unit for it - before that, the sides of my tub were lined with razors, rags, and bottles... it was just a mess!

Those of you with pick-up trucks probably know what I mean. You don't let all of your stuff shift and slide around in the back - has a great assortment of truck tool boxes to choose from. It's always easier to get - and stay - organized when you have a place to put whatever it is you need organized!