Monday, April 7, 2008

Beautiful Window Shades

I'm not known as the tidiest of people - clean, sure, but tidy? Not so much. Due to the very nature of the things I do, I often have scores of books and magazines scattered about the premises; due to my own nature, I often don't pick them up until long after I am done with the project I had them open for is complete. This says nothing of the scattered clothes, papers, receipts, and other odds and ends laying literally everywhere about my domicile.

But I do like nice things and I tend to take good care of them. I prefer an aesthetically-pleasingly decorated home to a very tidy one, if you like, so long as the beautiful things are functional and serve a higher purpose. For example, the blinds that came with my apartment work fine, but are utilitarian and plain, old-fashioned ugly. I would much prefer the beautiful wood roller shades you can find by following that link.

Of course, I can't afford them, and I rent, so what's the point?