Saturday, April 5, 2008

Former Beauty Queen Becomes Man, Gets Pregnant

10 years ago, a former Hawaiian beauty queen decided to become a man. A few months ago, s/he decided to get pregnant.

Mr. Beatie, 34, underwent breast surgery a decade ago to flatten his/her chest. S/he said s/he was always a tomboy, growing up, and s/he knew s/he wanted to be a man. But s/he did not mess with her reproductive system because s/he also knew s/he always "wanted to have a baby one day."

Now married, Mr. Beatie's wife procured semen from an anonymous donor and injected him/her with the sample, using a syringe purchased from a nearby store. The couple went through eight different doctors before settling on one they were comfortable with. Mr. Beatie's obstetrician calls it "a normal pregnancy."

Mr. Beatie's wife has two grown daughters from a previous marriage. The couple calls the new child their "little miracle." Mr. and Mrs. Beatie have been married five years.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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