Friday, May 23, 2008

Alpine Industries

We always enjoy bringing you resources you can not only use, but that maintain our personal philosophy toward wildlife and the environment, and alpine industries is just such a company.

Providing wooden window frames for all your household and business needs (really all structures, I suppose), Alpine Industries is a bonafide green building company. Wooden window frames are not only as functional and cost-effective as metal window frames, they are (by far) more attractive.

Choose the right style to match your decor, architecture, or personal aesthetic, or let Alpine Industries help you. Simply follow the link above for all the information you need on how to contact them, including 800 numbers, website, and a mailing address, and make sure to tell them where you found their listing!

While some people take the whole "green" concept way too far and Hollywood has made it the celebrity cause du jour as late, instances like this are clearcut cases where your choice can make a difference without forcing you to sacrifice anything. There is really no excuse not to choose Alpine Industries!

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