Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beauty Products Reviewed

I am relatively young and I am often complimented as to looking much younger than my actual age, but I smoke - somewhat heavily, too. A few years back, I started noticing certain lines in my face and forehead becoming more pronounced, so I went into a store, looking for some anti wrinkle cream. The saleswomen and shoppers all balked, convincing me I did not need anything like that at my "tender" age, so I went away dejected - that day. But I still feel it would be good to have - after all, it can't hurt to get an early-start on it, can it?

Of course, I don't know which from what, and that's why you should follow the link above. not only rates and reviews these products, it lists the average price in stores, and then lists the average price online - which is usually 50%+ less than the "regular" price! Check it out for yourself!