Sunday, May 11, 2008

Diet Pills Consumer Watch

This is the cool thing about doing blogs: you learn stuff even when you don't really mean to! For instance, I have absolutely no interest in diet pills of any kind; I weigh about 105 lbs., soaking wet with my shoes on, but I had heard of Phentermine and then I was asked to tell you about this site, which reviews diet pills and the like, comparing them by price, performance, availability, and so forth. In doing so, I found out that Phentermine is so highly-sought that competitors have used just about every similar-sounding name they could think of for their own pills!

AND, I learned that Phentermine is not really the best pill out there! That's what makes sites like this so great: they help you cut through the hype and
make sense of the whole thing. Follow the link above and see for yourself!