Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MP3 Rocket

I wish I could say a lot of nice things about MP3 Rocket, but I'm going to tell you a few things I don't like first:
Part of my job is to review sites, products, and services, and I was eager to check out this one. An avid music fan and former musician, free music downloads is a pretty good deal in my book! But when I was sent the information, it turns out you have to download and install their software - I would not have offered to review the site, had I known that.

Further, when you hit the download page, if you try to surf away from it, a pop-up asks you to wait to speak to a live representative! And I started to - just to tell her how shady I thought this whole approach was.

Still, taking a look around, MP3 Rocket is certainly a decent service in the emerging Internet radio market. The site is clean and easy to navigate and they have a large catalog of music from every genre and artist you can probably think of off the top of your head. While the free package is nice, the pro package offers enough benefits that you will certainly get your money's worth. What's more, with 12 million songs at your fingertips and the ability to burn whatever you download free from confusing copyright legalities, MP3 Rocket is definitely a product to watch.

MP3 Rocket is more akin to a file-sharing network than a free Internet radio package or site and has the interface users of those networks will find familiar. The pro package offers faster downloads and searches, more files, and free tech support, making it a fantastic bargain for the avid file-sharers in the audience.

All in all, a nice product with a far too aggressive approach to marketing. While I like the product and service, that turned me off completely. However if you are a file sharer, I do suggest you check the program out for yourself simply by following the link above.

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