Saturday, May 10, 2008

You're an ANIMAL!

We just got one step closer to the world of comics and RPGs.

Scientists at Newcastle University have created the world's first part-human, part-animal embryos. While they only survived for up to three days, the hopes are that they will be useful in understanding - even curing - a range of illnesses, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. The Catholic Church called the advancement "monstrous."

The scientists created embryos from cows' eggs because human eggs are in short supply. They say the embryos would never be allowed to develop beyond two weeks, at which point they are still only about the size of a pinhead. The researchers want to extract stem cells from the embryos for further testing.

Of course, the Catholic Church considers the entire concept "immoral" and sinful, but who really cares what a bunch of poncing, aged queens think? Sadly, if the cures for any diseases comes from this type of research, the Catholic flock will gladly avail themselves of said treatment; poetic justice would be a thinning of the herd by Papal Decree, when it is decided that Catholics who use such treatments are sinning, thus must face a slow, agonizing, and painful death.

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