Sunday, December 14, 2008

Online Trading

Back when the Internet first became popular - I mean mainstream - around 1997-98, I had a friend who had inherited a substantial amount of money. With it, he bought his own home, had a sizable bank account, and managed to live fairly well. But he was not content simply to exist; he needed a job of sorts, though he did not want to work for anyone else - nor did he have to.

So he spent a chunk of money on a new home computer (they were pretty expensive, back then) and began online trading. I know he had his ups and downs and the entire time I knew him, he remained heavily-involved in it. I lost touch with him several years back, but I know he did alright for himself back then.

The market's changed and there is more competition now, for sure, but the software has improved as well. If you are looking to work for yourself, follow the link above and find out more about online trading. It may just be for you!