Sunday, December 7, 2008

Passports Online

Earlier this year, I received a flier detailing a passport workshop. Apparently, getting your passport had become so complicated and time-consuming that it was taking several weeks for people to even get the process completed. Further, the actual review process was taking months! The workshop was to explain to you the process, get you started, and help expedite the entire thing. Of course, I had no plans to travel - least of all out of the country - so it was wasted on me, but it got me wondering.

Now though, you can do the whole thing online. Just follow this link to find out more on how to apply for you passport online. While this is obviously legitimate (to the best of my knowledge), be sure to do your homework before you shell-out a bunch of money. Different countries and locales have different strictures in place that you may need to be aware of.