Monday, January 26, 2009

Equestrian Singles

Do you like horses? Do you raise them, breed them, show them, or just enjoy going to the shows and races? It can be hard to find someone who has the same interests as you and that is half the battle in the dating game. And while there are tons and tons of dating sites out there, the majority of them are a crap-shoot; you just get a list of people (some who do not even have pictures, or - worse yet - fake ones!), and it is up to you to narrow them down. You can spend days - even weeks - sifting through the profiles, many times only to find out there is no one there you care to date.

But equestrian cupid is different. because everyone who signs up there is interested in horses, just like you! While physical attraction is still the major factor when it comes to successful relationships, if you do not have something in common with whomever you are dating, the relationship simply will not last.

So why waste time with all those other dating sites? Not only does Equestrian Singles offer FREE sign-up, it has more to bring you than just profiles. Discover new riding trails (along with partners), as well as the country lifestyle - and hopefully you will find that special someone along the way!