Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inviting Home

If you are a Do-It Yourselfer (DIYer), you are already aware of the many, many websites available to you for both purchasing products as well as inspiration, but Inviting Home goes a step above. Not only do they have everything you need to customize your home, it's all in an easily-navigable interface that makes it easy to find. Further, they have all the inspirational tips and guides you could ever hope for - much more than your usual "let's do the same thing in a different area"-type of ideas you will find everywhere else.
If you are a commercial customer, Inviting Home is probably going to prove your best find on the Web! From decorative hardware to molding, they carry everything you could ever wish to find and more. Not only does it fill a niche in the home improvement market, the design professionals employed value customer service over all else. More than just another provider, Inviting Home and their friendly, knowledgeable staff becomes an extension of your own company.

Find it all here! From the outside in - from shutters to home accessories - Inviting Home has it all, and it's all affordable and easy to find. Plus, they will help you decide how best to use it and how to get it into place. You can even receive a customized consultation with just a photo or even by phone!

Follow the links provided today to learn more and spend some time getting to know Inviting Home's site and staff. It will bring you that much closer to making your dream, custom-designed home a reality!