Friday, April 10, 2009

Family Friendly Vacations

Family Friendly Vacations are not always easy to come by. Even Karisma Hotels, which operates the Azul Beach and Azul Blue resorts (both family-friendly) also own and run several adults-only vacation spots. Of course, it is nice to get away from the kids for a little while, but family vacations are an integral part of the American family experience and all of us have at least one story - be it good or (far more often) an outright travesty - of those we took when we were kids.

The world is a far different place from those times. Just in the past decade alone, we have made technological advances never even dreamt of by our forefathers. There are children today who have always lived with the Web, cellphones, and DVDs. Your family vacation has to be something to top all of that, and Karisma Hotels' resorts do exactly that.

Between beaches, the ocean, swimming pools, and Karisma's "Gourmet Inclusive" concept, everyone in the family unit will find something they enjoy. Beach Butlers and swim-up bars keep mom and dad happy, while the kids enjoy coloring books, beach games, and more. Karisma resorts bake their own bread, make their own pastas and sauces, and provide something for every taste and indulgence. Their "gourmet inclusive" concept is a groundbreaking new aspect in lodging, but "We’re not just about eating," executive vice-president, Lubo Krstajic, says.

So load up the wife and kids and plan for a family-friendly getaway or call up Mom and have her take them for a week while you and the missus take off to one of Karisma's many adults-only resorts. You can find out more about both simply by following the link provided above.