Sunday, April 19, 2009

Homeopathic Solutions

Did you know the FDA has been trying to co-opt vitamins since the early 20th-Century? True story. They want to be able to regulate them - that is, tax and profit from their sale. As it turns out, there are a whole lot of ailments, minor and otherwise, which can be treated using simple, age-old, homeopathic treatments certain representatives have been trying to dismiss as "old wives' tales" for years now.

The OddBlog often brings you information concerning alternative medical procedures and practices, and we firmly believe in homeopathic solutions - a balanced diet alone is far more beneficial than most realize. However, we are not a medical blog and none of us are doctors, pharmacists, or medical professionals of any kind - nor do we purport to be. We bring you the information we do to bring it to your attention, not to offer actual alternatives to traditional medical procedures.

How to Cure diseases also warns that while seeing a doctor is the best way to treat any problem, there are other options besides paying outrageous prices for prescribed and over-the-counter medicines you might not even need. Learn how to cure diseases and understand the concept of neuro-imaging with The Amen Clinics. Also, more information on the founder, Dr Daniel Amen here.