Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Azul Family Vacations

Karisma Hotels offers a staggering selection of great vacation hotels catering to almost every lifestyle and personality you can think of, many of which are aimed at adults only. If you are single (and, in some cases, "swinging"), you are sure to find a Karisma hotel you will enjoy. But what about hotels catering to those of you looking for a wholesome, kids-friendly, family vacation? Karisma has you covered, too!

Their Azul Beach Hotel is specifically designed for families, offering such fantastic, kid-friendly amenities as strollers, cribs, beach games, coloring books - even kid-sized bathrobes!!! Of course, "family-friendly" does not mean adult pursuits and interests are discarded - this is your vacation, too, and Azul Beach takes care of you with their Tequila Bar, with over 30 varieties of tequila and a frozen bar top to keep drinks chilled. Other activities include Spanish lessons, non-motorized water sports, tequila tastings, and the Kids' Activity Center (with activities for families, as well as kids alone). Azul Beach Hotel also offers a large choice of gourmet-quality restaurants.

While Karisma Hotels offers many adults-only getaways where no kids are allowed, they have not left out the family. Their Azul Beach Hotel is a fantastic beach vacation designed for the entire family. But time is running out, and even though it is warmer there than in the States, there is only so much summer to go around! Hurry before it's too late!