Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor People Wear "Britches"

Having grown-up in the South, and the rural South at that, I am no stranger to the sport of horse showing and riding. I never got into it myself, but several of the neighbors did and I grew-up with them, so I got to experience some of it from a participant's perspective, and I can say this much for equestrian... ism or whatever: It's expensive!

We owned a horse for a short while and he was expensive, both to purchase and to maintain, the tack was expensive, and the clothes were expensive. So we rode naked. Okay, so we didn't, but I'm not kidding when I stress how much things like saddles, breeches, stirrups, and all the rest costs. If you are into horses, then you already know and I'm sure you stay on the lookout for cheaper prices. Maybe The Equestrian Corner can help.