Monday, February 15, 2010

Is Ralphie the Big-Assed Rabbit Possessed by a Ghoul?

Ralphie's mom, Amy, was the largest rabbit in the world until her death. Now Ralphie is poised to take that honor, knocking-back a whopping $20 worth of ruffage a day and weighing as much as your average three-year old child! But TV medium, Derek Acorah, feels Ralphie may also be channeling the spirit of a ghoul.

Apparently, Acorah "spoke" with Ralphie recently and concluded the oversized bunny rabbit's ghoul-channeling was the source of "spooky happenings" about the family's estate. Ralphie's owner calls the idea "a load of old nonsense," but agrees that Ralphie "isn't your average rabbit."

She also said that Ralphie's local celebrity pays-off when neighbors offer to help foot the feeding bill. Some stop her at the grocery store and offer her cabbage, carrots, and apples - the vegetables which constitute Ralphie's daily intake.

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