Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ancient Money-Making Techniques

My bank sent me yet another "update" last week, informing me that my savings account rate has dropped yet again. When I opened the account, after extensive research, it was because they offered the highest savings account rate I could find - well over 3% - but it has dropped to just over 1% within the last year, which is about the same you can get anywhere else. I have started investing in other things - things which appreciate more and are steadier, in general.

History has proven that whenever the dollar is down, gold goes up, which makes right now the perfect time to buy gold bullion. Gold, and precious metals in general, have been great ways to store wealth since ancient times and that is not likely to change any time real, real soon, so you know that an investment in this arena is stable. And, so long as things continue to go bad for the dollar, things should go well for gold... something else that isn't likely to change anytime real, real soon (unfortunately)!