Friday, April 16, 2010

A Skills Set Will Help You Wander

Many budding phenomenalists have a wanderlust. It seems only natural, as the Supernatural does not just decide to happen because you want it to... usually. At any rate, what you need is a comprehensive skills set that is in demand in most places, so you are never without a means of making income. Attending the new Cosmetology school in Louisiana is one way of doing just that.

Everywhere you go, large and small, if you pay attention, you will see hair salons and barber shops. With a cosmetological skills set, you can get a job in any of these places. You could also decide to stay right where you are, or Regency can help find you a job on a cruise ship, or even a runway!

This way, when you finally do encounter a spirit and decide ghost-hunting is not for you, you have something to fall back on.