Sunday, May 30, 2010

Invest in Gold

Gold is possibly the most well-known commodity in the entire world and, arguably, the most important. Gold is considered a "safe-haven" investment because it is unlikely to depreciate and the return is very high. Experts say at least 5% of your portfolio should be gold. When you think about it, that sounds right - if you save 10% of your income, then invest 50% of that in gold, you are maximizing your passive return (money, such as interest, made without you having to actually do anything).

For some, investing in gold sounds unattainable - like something rich people would do, not the working-class. However, anyone can buy gold coins - heck, they sell those on TV sometimes! I don't know from investments - or anything else for that matter - but you can learn quite a bit about the whole thing in a short time, just by following the links provided.