Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gold: Practical and Beautiful

One of the reasons so many people invest in comic books is because they feel they actually get something from it. Comics collectors can read their investments, follow the properties (characters, superhero teams, and so on), and appreciate them to the fullest. Fine art collectors enjoy the same experience; their investment is more social, as the art they purchase is generally displayed and commented on by viewers, where comic book investors' enjoyment is more solitary (nobody touches my comics!).

Experts suggest at least 5% of your investments should be in precious metals, which come in two forms: ingots and coins. These can be delivered directly to you or to a bank or depository, but clever and creative investors can create a display from their holdings. A pirate-themed display with real gold coins would be completely awesome -- and no one needs to know the coins are real! Of course, you would need a lot of security to get away with something like this. More down-to-earth ideas include putting them into a chest and burying them in your backyard. AARRRR!