Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Haunebu Saucer - Korea, 1959

Haunebu - Korea, 1959
Haunebu - Korea, 1959

This is a photo of a Haunebu aircraft taken over Korea in 1959. Haunebu was a known Nazi program allegedly in development prior to WWII. The model above is most likely a Haunebu III. While the program and vehicles are real, many of the photographs and lore surrounding the program is counter-intelligence, so knowing for certain what is factual and what is cleverly manufactured propaganda is difficult, especially for the untrained layman.

Haunebu and VRIL technology are often associated with the "Vril Society" and "Nordic Aliens" - neither of which existed. This is counter-intelligence. The Haunebu craft employed something known as VRIL technology.

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