Tuesday, October 24, 2017

PHOTO: Chupacabra - Texas, 2003

Chupacabra - Texas, 2003
Chupacabra - Texas, ca. 2003
This is a photo allegedly of the chupacabra in or around Texas, ca. 2003.  The unknown photographer claimed he struck it with his vehicle.  The chupacabra photo has been enlarged for clarity; no other modifications have been made.  "Chupacabra" translates into English as "Goat Sucker," as the chupacabra is said to prey upon goats, parakeets, dogs, and chickens with a vampiric bite which drains its victims of blood.

The Fortean Times first reported on the chupacabra in the February/March issue of 1996 (FT:85) as "Puerto Rica's Mammal Mutilator."  In a brief column, it notes that similar reports had been made as early as the 1970s.

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