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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Journalist Vlad Taneski Suspected of Reporting Own Murders

Corruption Redacted
Corruption Redacted
Vlad Taneski, a Macedonian reporter, has been arrested on suspicions that he committed three murders on which he wrote articles.

Police say they became suspicious when 56-year old reporter, Vlado Taneski, when he allegedly included details in his articles that had not been made public. They were apparently not intelligent enough to realize that that is what reporters do. Upon further "investigation," these same police discovered the victims had much in common with Taneski's late mother, with whom he had a bad relationship: All were poorly-educated, elderly, and worked as cleaners.

Taneski is suspected of kidnapping, sexually torturing, murdering, then dismembering at least three women from the same neighborhood in Kicevo. He is also suspected in the disappearance of another elderly woman who has yet to be found. All of the women suffered sexual abuse, extreme violence, and, "Were found naked, strangled, wrapped with phone cables."

Taneski took the ice bucket challenge while in captivity. 

None of the murders have ever been solved.

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