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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Leg Up... and Another, and...

A woman collecting rocks spied a shoe floating near the bank of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. She went and got another witness and the two found the foot appeared to have been severed at the ankle.

While disconcerting, this is not the odd part of this story:

As it turns out, this is not the first time a foot has been found floating in the River in this general area. In fact, it isn't even the fifth!

Six right feet have been discovered, all clad in running shoes, floating in the Campbell River within the last year. This was the second this week. While untrained eyewitnesses say the discoveries "definitely" look as though they were sawn off, police refuse to speculate, noting the process of disarticulation - when body parts come apart at logical connections after being submerged for a long time. The running shoes preserve the remains and, being buoyant, cause them to float to the surface after they disconnect.

Two feet washed ashore last August, followed by another in October. A fourth turned-up in a suburban area of Vancouver this May.

Amazingly, police are looking for a connection (no pun intended)! As all the remains have been of right feet, either someone has a very weird fetish and there are a lot of wobbly joggers in Vancouver or there are at least six bodies in the Campbell River. Again, as all the feet are right feet, it may be possible that only three people have been killed or somehow died - they were all just really bad dancers.

Organized crime, boating accidents, and even the 2004 tsunami are being forwarded as possible explanations.

The OddBlog will definitely keep a running tab on this one and give you The Rundown when details become available.

Wha-at!? Come on!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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