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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sci-Fi Solves Scientific Riddles (Not Really)

One of the most fun things to do online is simply surf around and see what comes up. What's even better is when you have a cool extension or program that leads you to crazy stuff tangentially-related to whatever you are doing.

This is how I came across this link from Wired.

I am sure most of you are familiar with the Tunguska mystery, but on the offhand chance you are not, something struck the Earth at high enough velocity to clear the brush and bend trees -- for 800 miles around the point of impact! The year was 1908 and reports state the night remained bright enough to read by for days following.

While many theories have been forwarded, the exact details of what caused the explosion are still unknown. No debris has ever been found from whatever it is that caused the explosion, though several expeditions have searched for that and other clues a handful of times over the years. More perplexing, whatever it was left no visible crater (though some believe they have found one or have an idea as to where one should be found), which has fueled theories such as those presented in the Wired article.

As preposterous as it may seem, my personal vote goes for the Tesla Death Ray experiment.

And, yes, I am serious.

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