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Friday, June 20, 2008

Teen Pregnancy Pact

17 teenaged girls in a single school in Massachusetts got pregnant. Now, officials are saying it was no accident - some are saying at least half of the mothers-to-be entered into a "pregnancy pact."

Experts believe the girls may have thought pregnancy would make them more adult and independent, or possibly that they were looking for the unconditional love and acceptance of the child. Investigators are probing (hahaha) the matter.

Teen pregnancies appear to be on the rise after decades of decline. Some point to Britney Spears' sister's pregnancy (Jamie Lynn Spears, who just gave birth to a daughter) as being indicative. Recent Hollywood hits include Juno, about an unwed teenage girl's pregnancy, and Knocked Up, in which a woman gets pregnant from a one-night stand.

But experts warn against blaming celebrity culture or entertainment, saying the trend started before this.

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  1. Many students later denied the existence of any such "pact" and the matter - to my knowledge - has more or less fallen off the radar.