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Monday, June 9, 2008

Zoo Too Pets Network

ZooToo.com is a new social network for pets and pet owners. When you join, you add a short profile about yourself, as well as one for your pet(s), then you can start participating in the site (after you validate your account via e-mail).

I added the Scamper and made a little journal entry about her, but until I figure out why the camera won't turn on, I can't add a picture. But it's coming! If nothing else, I will get my folks' camera or a friend's and snap a few shots. I hope to get some action shots to show how she got her name.

You can review products, meet friends, write blogs, read news items, and all sorts of pet-centric things. It is not exactly like all the other social networks, in that it isn't just a "choose your own" sort of thing; it sticks to the pet-lovers' theme closely, but is not limited by it. You can blog about whatever you like and there are plenty of people who have pets and love them, but discuss just whatever.

A true social network with a pet-loving theme, ZooToo is poised to become part of my daily routine! Come join us. At least it keeps the Scamper-related articles to a minimum here!