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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Faucets and Decor

Of all the rooms in my home, the one where decor is possibly most important is the bathroom. Yes, I like a nice living room and sure, I need my bedroom to be cozy (but it stays messy anyway), but the bathroom is where I end up spending most of my time away from the computer or TV. Sad, but true.

When it comes to my kitchen, organization and accessibility is more important to me than anything, but the older I get, the more interested in its beauty, too. No matter how much you clean it, no matter how well-organized it is, a funky kitchen still looks a little unclean.

Think shelving, removing the cabinet doors, paint, bar faucets. All the small details add-up to a beautiful kitchen. And, truth be told, a lot more people are likely to see your kitchen than your bathroom!