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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh Baby

Having a baby is expensive, that is not news, but even though everyone knows that, most people still do not prepare for the added expense. They think they will be able to shop-around, buy used items, hit yard sales - all sorts of justifications for why they did not plan better. And, for the most part, there are a lot of things one can do to cut costs... though buying second-hand baby stuff is not always the best approach.

While cribs, strollers, rockers, and other equipment is okay to buy used, you are still going to need things like crib bedding, pillows, blankets, etc. Cleaning and disinfecting used items can take a lot more time and prove a lot more hassle than simply buying new ones.

But whatever you decide to do, follow the link above and check out Maternity and Baby Shopping Mart. You're certain to save some money, regardless.