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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Corrupt Judge Denies West Memphis 3 New Trial

A corrupt judge has denied the West Memphis Three a new trial based on newly-collected DNA evidence because he says the lack of DNA evidence does not indicate proof of Innocence.

Damien Echolls, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley were convicted of the sex-related deaths of three boys 15 years ago. All three have been in prison since then. There was no evidence which led to the boys' arrests or convictions, aside from a coerced confession from Misskelley, who is functionally retarded (having an IQ of around 72).

The injustices these young boys faced at the hands of corrupt, Southern cops (which is redundant) led to the phrase "Satanic panic." In the trial, prosecutors used the facts that Echolls listened to Metallica, read Stephen King, and knew who Aleister Crowley was as "evidence" to convict him of these heinous crimes.

Since their convictions, tons of evidence has been uncovered by filmmakers, private investigators, authors, and independent researchers which not only clear the unjustly convicted men, but point to an entirely different witness (who was moved to the Millington, TN Naval Base). Yet most of West Memphis' Powers-That-Be were directly involved in the trial; in fact, their collective rise to power was directly due to their collusion and conspiracy to defraud the public in this Clinton-era case.

All prosecutors, police, judges, and others who worked in any official capacity at the time of the West Memphis Threes' arrests should be prosecuted for Conspiracy, withholding of evidence, manufacturing of evidence, perjury, misconduct, discrimination, three counts of murder, child rape, malfeasance, and attempted murder.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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