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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Idaho DA Can't Get Off the Coke

Idaho DA, Tom Moss, is pursuing the case of a woman who poured a Diet Coke on a counter after she was overcharged for it and refused the right to return it.

In yet another case of obvious prosecutorial misconduct, legal "authorities" illegally accessed the woman's father's medical records to determine her identity, then approached the man for questioning while he was at a dentist's appointment! They tracked the woman down weeks after the incident and told her they were pressing federal charges! She could face up to a year in prison, if convicted!

While the corrupt DA refuses to discuss the case, the woman in question gave her side of the story to a local news outlet. She was charged nearly $4.00 for a can Diet Coke and when she refused to pay, the unconscionable assholes refused to let her return it. Understandably upset, she poured the drink on the counter and walked away.

Was her behavior out of line? I don't think so; I think charging someone $4.00 for a can Coke is out of line. At most, she might be forced to apologize for her behavior, but in that apology, I would note that I was coerced to write it - the basic, non-apology most newscasters and lawmakers give under the same circumstances. This is a case of Civil Disobedience at a very minor level.

Given that no one was injured - no one was even threatened! - and the loss was less than $1.00US, the very idea that DA Tom Moss is making a federal case (literally) of this matter is the very textbook definition of prosecutorial misconduct and he should be indicted and convicted on those grounds.

It is time we Americans stood-up to these awful people and not only removed them from office, but prosecuted them to the fullest extent of the law!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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