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Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Proven: Women are More Emotional

While many would have you believe that it is just a stereotype, the truth is that women tend to be more emotional than men; that exceptions exist only proves this rule. Recent findings suggest that this extends to dreams, where women were found to be more likely to suffer nightmares and sleep disturbances than men.

In a study involving 170 people, researchers found that 30% of the women reported nightmares, compared to only 19% of the men. While some of this was associated with menstruation, that was not the only determining factor.

One doctor noted that the results could be misconstrued. Perhaps it is not so much that women are having more nightmares, but that they simply remember them?

The OddBlog says that's just stupid - STUPID!!! - and wants that doctor to get his shit and get the HELL out! RIGHT NOW! NOW! NO, NOW!

The OddBlog is sorry. It's just, we're just... doctors do great things, and...

He was going to take that? That's not his!

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