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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Week's Ghost Adventures

I attended the live chat following last week's explosive debut of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures and all of us in attendance agreed that Zac is a bit... well, he scolded us! He got right in front of that camera, shoved the other guys out of the way, and just chewed us all a new one!

Still, it is that same aggression that seems to elicit such responses from the paranormal. And this is also what has brought the team - and the show - under fire by detractors, who note they seem to consistently get wildly successful results.

Anyway, this week's episode takes the team to the Houghton Mansion in Massachusetts. I am not certain there will be another live chat event, but if there is (and we can get in - it was packed last week!), we'll be there once again.

Ghost Adventures airs at 8:00pm CST, this Friday. The premiere episode re-airs immediately before it (and comes on at the top of the hour if you are in the Central Timezone!).

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