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Friday, November 28, 2008

God Tells Driver to Crash Woman's Car

A driver who intentionally crashed his car into another motorist's, shutting down US Highway 281 in San Antonio yesterday, says God told him the woman was not driving properly and needed to be taken off the road.

Police say neither driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol and both suffered only minor injuries. While the driver attacked was taken to the hospital just in case, the driver of the truck which crashed into her was taken for a psychiatric examination.

Said one policeman, "God must have been with them, because any other time - the severity of this crash - it would have been a fatal."

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  1. So one guy is taken to a psychiatric wing for claiming God told him to crash (good) but the police officer continues to serve even if he thinks that God helped stopped the crash being too bad??? Hmm... double standards...