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Monday, December 15, 2008

Florida Sees String of Sandwich Assaults

Today marks the third time this month a man has been arrested in Florida for "assaulting" his girlfriend with a sandwich. 20-year old Matthew Rubin threw a sandwich at his girlfriend before striking her on the head with his fist and running away. Police caught-up to him and he was arrested, but the interesting thing is that Florida authorities have arrested two other men in the past week for similar sandwich assaults.

11 days ago, another man was arrested for smashing a cheeseburger in his girlfriend's face after she threw his drink out of the car. In this case, the girlfriend says he would not let her out of the car and the argument escalated. After the sandwich-smashing, the couple got out of the car, where the man once again put the burger on her face.

Almost exactly a month ago, in November, a Florida man was arrested after he threw a sandwich at his girlfriend, who was driving at the time. The attack nearly caused a wreck and knocked the female's glasses off her face. The nature of the sandwich was not released.

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