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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Parowan Prophesies Nuclear End

A Parowan, Utah man who claims to be a prophet says to prepare for a Soviet nuclear strike sometime before Christmas. Leeland Freeborn crashed a plane in 1975 and fell into a coma, during which time he claims to have "broken through to the other side" and gained the power of prophecy. He split with the Mormon Church and forewent his worldly riches. Now he spends his days preaching to his flock.

All of Freeborn's flock are former members of the Church of Latter Day Saints who have excommunicated themselves over disagreements with the Church's stand on various issues, including polygamy. They congregate at his house and believe him to be what he claims.

While Leland Freeborn, called the Parowan Prophet, has been shunned by many in his community and openly mocked on radio talk shows and other forums, he said he "truly believes" what he is preaching. And though he has offered similar Zero Hour predictions in the past, he and his flock are convinced these are the End-Times.

But the Parowan Prophet freely admits, 'Prophecy is not an exact science.'

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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