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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Woman Returns $97,000 She Found in Bathroom

A Murfreesboro, TN woman claims to have found $97,000 in cash in a Cracker Barrel bathroom and returned it. Among the bills were a stack of $1000 bills.

75-year old Billie Watts says she found the money in the restroom and it contained nearly $100k in cash, as well as some pictures. She contacted the restaurant about their "Lost & Found" and left her number. Minutes later, a woman Watts describes as "elderly" returned her phonecall and identified pictures in the bag. The unidentified woman told her the money was from the recent sale of her home and belongings and she was relocating to Florida to "start a new life" with her son.

Police have no record of the incident and Cracker Barrel employees say they never saw the money nor the elderly woman to whom it was purportedly returned. $1000 bills have not been printed since 1945.

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