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Sunday, January 18, 2009

We're Ba-ack... Almost

I have one more medical appointment this coming Tuesday which I am 100% certain will prompt yet another, though I obviously have no idea when that will be. I was away from home all last week and had company all this one, so I'm still getting back to my normal schedule.

To make up for all the lost time here lately, I have an entire week's worth of posts for you today (and through tomorrow), but then it will probably slow back down for a few days. I don't know just yet. I know I've been telling you this for a while now, but you know how it goes - it just bes that way, sometimes. There is so much happening on the personal front that it's almost impossible for me to say exactly when things will calm back down.

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  1. I meant to add that a lot of the posts are older ones you've probably already heard about. I save them to get to later and haven't gotten to them in several weeks now.