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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ted Haggard

I recently watched HBO's documentary, The Trials of Ted Haggard, and I want to be the first to say The OddBlog jumped the gun. We didn't crucify the guy, but we certainly assumed Ted Haggard was just another one of these self-righteous "Christians" who got busted and was trying to play it off. Ted Haggard deserves a second chance, but if he wants to take that second chance in the same church and among the same people who have so cruelly harmed him, abandoned him, mocked him, humiliated him, and torn his and his family's life asunder, he's a fool.

Ted Haggard's situation clearly illustrates everything that is wrong with so-called "Christians" today - especially in America. Christianity is not the same as a belief in God; Christians specifically believe that Jesus Christ was the avatar - the living embodiment of God - who died on the cross to absolve them of their sins. Jesus Christ preached tolerance and love for all - something which no self-proclaimed "Christian" affiliated with any of these large churches practices.

I'm not gay, so I don't sympathize with homosexuals' anger toward Haggard for not "identifying" as/with being gay. Logically, I don't understand this because it seems he would do more harm to their cause than good, but I don't "get" it, either way. I completely understand they've been persecuted historically, and still face persecution - I get that much of it and could not agree more - particularly by "Christians." In fact, homosexual men are the only American minority aside from native Americans who actually do face "racism" these days. But why would you want Ted Haggard on your side, given his very public fall?

Also, though Haggard spoke against homosexuality as part of his ministering, as he noted in the documentary, he was not a hateful, fire and brimstone, Cotton Mathers sort of preacher; it's not as if Fred Phelps were "outed" here. I actually read a piece on the matter on a popular gay site where they condemned Haggard and the very first comment was a poster inquiring about the sex acts and positions in which Haggard was involved with one of his alleged lovers - trying to make the point that this information was necessary for anonymous commenters on a gay website to assess the lover's possible medical status!

The American homosexual community is as delusional as their Christian counterparts and always has been. A mockery of themselves in every way, the Ted Haggard scandals have brought out the worst in both sub-sects. And while I question Haggard's sincerity, I feel for him and his family. I have no sympathy for Christians or the homosexual community, as a whole.

How puerile and jejune, this American obsession with sex and sexuality! It fits the very definition of the word, "retarded." And both Christians and homosexuals are guilty; they really are the opposite sides of the same coin! I find it equally intellectually repulsive that both identify their entire lives with either their religion or sexual proclivities - again, it's an impedance in development, i.e. retarded.

Get over yourselves!

And leave this man alone, for Christ's sake.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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