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Friday, March 20, 2009

Cage Fights in Texas Highschool

While the principal of the highschool vehemently denies the charges, the superintendent says "some things... happened inside of a cage" and at least one student's mother says she was ignored when she tried to bring the cage fights to light several years ago, after her son came home with a swollen hand and told her students stood around the cage, cheering and clapping, while he and another student fought. The allegations of staged cage fights came to light as the school was being investigated over a grade-fixing scam.

According to some, fights took place inside a steel mesh equipment cage in the boys' locker room between 2003 and 2005, and the principal and other faculty members were aware of it. In fact, the principal is said to have told a staff member to put two students accused of fighting "in the cage and let 'em duke it out." The principal says "it never happened" and calls the whole thing "barbaric."

A 2008 report says the principal and other staff at South Oak Cliff High in Dallas were aware of the fights. It is unclear as to how many "cage fights" occurred, but is certain of at least two. The cage fights came to light when the school was being investigated over a grade-fixing scam, which cost South Oak Cliff High two basketball titles. The principal retired last year.

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