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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Has the Montauk Monster Returned?

Last year, several eyewitnesses snapped some photos of the strange remains which had washed ashore on a beach in New York. The press quickly dubbed it "The Montauk Monster" and it made the rounds across airwaves and front pages. As we explained then, the whole ordeal became very confusing very rapidly, as one of the original eyewitnesses accused her companions of dishonesty and more than one group of witnesses claiming to possess the remains.. At the end of it all, the remains were nowhere to be found, but experts viewing the pictures said the remains were most likely those of a raccoon.

However, yet another Montauk Monster has washed ashore and this time, the remains are said to be preserved, awaiting the sale to an independent laboratory for further examination. Once again, commenters and others are suggesting the remains are those of a raccoon, dog, pig, even bear. And, once again, no one has actually examined the remains IRL.

What do you think the Montauk Monster is or could be and why?

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

1 comment:

  1. According to at least one blogger, the original Montauk Monster is a dead raccoon some "surfer dude" set ablaze and then afloat.

    While the story does have the faint ring of truth, the account does not explain everything - such as this new corpse.