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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mexican Officials Seek "Lost Island"

Mexican officials are desperately searching for Isla Bermeja, a long-lost island which first appeared on 18th-Century maps.  They claim the US is encroaching on Mexican borders, and locating the island would help prove this claim.  Experts believe the sea bottom in the area, to which Mexican officials have already made claim, to be rich with oil.  However, reconnaissance allegedly shows nothing in the area.

Old maps were largely made by copying existing maps, and errors could appear on maps for centuries.  As more explorers made their ways into unchartered territory, and more of the land was explored, these errors were corrected on newer maps.  Isla Bermeja may never have existed, though other popular theories say an earthquake could have removed it, global warming could be to blame -- or the US bombed it!

Experts dismiss this latter claim, but say they will seek more funding to continue searching for the lost island of Isla Bermeja.

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