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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things What Done Fell from the Sky: Japan - Rains of Frogs

Small showers of desiccated frogs and tadpoles have been occurring around Japan since the start of the month. In the most recent incident, about 40 tadpoles were found on a girls' tennis court. In an earlier one, an older woman discovered scores of dead tadpoles and frogs in a parking lot near her garden.

While The OddBlog generally dismisses such over-the-top explanations, given the limited number of frogs and area affected, a hiccuping heron could be to blame. A biology teacher at the school where the tennis courts were found suggested as much, but it is an old saw many have used to unfairly "normalize" such inexplicable events or explain them away. It bears mentioning here that the locales involved are many, many miles apart.

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